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Marco Förster, Head of ASEAN Advisory at Dezan Shira & Associates, joins Task Force of the B20


Marco Förster, Head of ASEAN Advisory at Dezan Shira & Associates, has been selected to join the Task Force on “Inclusive GVCs for Global Trade and Investment” of the B20 India. This appointment is an immense honor and testimony to the profound expertise that Dezan Shira & Associates holds in the field of international business, trade, and investment. The invitation follows engagements Marco had with previous G20 and B20 summits in Hangzhou in 2016 and Bali in 2022.

The B20 India is an official engagement group of the G20 and the task force that Marco has been invited to join is one of seven. This particular task force is made up of 52 individual members from 17 different countries, each of whom has extensive knowledge and experience in international business. With the addition of Marco’s expertise, the task force will have one member that directly promotes ASEAN, alongside India, as a key investment destination and stable anchor for global value chains. Together with the other working groups, the B20 aims to provide effective advocacy to the G20 governments at the summit later this year.

As during the B20 Indonesia 2022, this year’s forum aims to promote international financial stability and sustainable economic growth, and its summit is one of the most highly anticipated and attended events of the year. The trade and investment task force is assigned with providing meaningful guidance and advice to the G20 governments on how to promote global trade and investments that are inclusive and promote sustainable economic growth.

This active participation will provide Dezan Shira & Associates with the remarkable opportunity to contribute the firm’s expertise to the international stage. The company is excited to offer its expertise and knowledge on international business and trade to the task force and the G20 governments as they seek to promote economic growth and prosperity around the world.


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