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Managing Partner Alberto Vettoretti Joins the LEA Board – Leading Edge Alliance

Dezan Shira & Associates is pleased to announce that its Managing Partner, Mr. Alberto Vettoretti has been appointed to the Leading Edge Alliance’s Board of Directors, effective from March 2022. 

The Leading Edge Alliance (“LEA”) is one of the largest global professional accounting, tax and consulting associations with over 2.2 billion USD in total revenue. Dezan Shira & Associates has been a member of LEA since 2010. The firm has previously been recognized with alliance´s “Most Innovative Practice”, “Recognition of Excellence” and “Edge” awards over the years.  

Alberto’s appointment to its board, indicates the importance of the Asian region to LEA. Mr. Vettoretti said, “our plan for Asia will be to continue to expand the Leading Edge Alliance network of capable and like-minded firms in the region, and given the rise of Asia upon the world’s stage, to develop even more opportunities among LEA member firms, both locally and globally in the years ahead”. 

Alberto also explained the organization’s ambitions, noting that “we aim to continue differentiating ourselves from other associations, through the strong collaborative ties that exist among our member firms across the globe. The rewarding professional bonds that LEA members have developed, following years of close collaboration, represent the bedrock that LEA has come to be known for, and at the same time, is a core advantage as we aim to grow our association further in the years ahead.” 

Biography for Mr. Alberto Vettoretti  

Alberto joined Dezan Shira & Associates as an equity partner in September 1998, and as Managing Partner of the firm has since helped the firm grow into one of the largest integrated corporate and accounting service providers in Asia.  

Mr. Vettoretti oversees global operations, as well as direct management of the firm’s operations in South China, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia as well as the US and Europe. His specializations include corporate structuring, tax planning, as well as legal and management issues affecting foreign-invested enterprises in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, and Vietnam.  

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Chinese, Economics, and Management and an MSc with a specialization in Chinese law and is a sitting board member for various multinational corporations. 

About Dezan Shira & Associates 

Dezan Shira & Associates is a pan-Asia, multi-disciplinary professional services firm, providing market entry, legal, accounting, tax, HR, technology and operational advisory to international businesses and investors. We are a multicultural and integrated private practice which takes pride in its full suite of blended services for international investors and business managers.  

Dezan Shira & Associates and its Asia Alliance comprises 13 equity partners, more than 35 offices and more than 600 professionals with deep competences in market entry, legal, accounting, tax, HR, technology and operational advisory. Together, we make up one of the largest integrated providers of corporate services in Asia and with more than 30 years of on-the-ground experience and a large team of lawyers, tax experts, auditors, researchers, consultants, and analysts. – We are your partner for growth in Asia. 

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About LEA Global  

LEA Global (Leading Edge Alliance) is the world’s 5th largest global accounting alliance with $2.2 billion in revenue, 132 accounting practices and more than 15,000 employees in 76 countries. Our mission is to create opportunities and add global infrastructure that helps member teams execute on their own firm growth, client and talent strategies. 

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