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DSA China’s Donation Campaign to Support Further Education for Students in Tibet


Dezan Shira & Associates has always worked towards integrating social and environmental concerns into our business operations.

This summer, 11 of our China offices took part in our ‘Giving Love, Growing Together’ donation campaign to help students at Pali Town Elementary School in Tibet further their education. This was the second year that Dezan Shira hosted this donation campaign for Pali Town Elementary and through our teams’ generosity, was able to purchase school bags, hats, painting tools, and other school supplies for the students.

This year, along with the supplies, our teams also sent across their well wishes to the students with each office recording a short video message, encouraging them to continue their hard work in their studies.

DSA China’s Donation Campaign to Support Further Education for Students in Tibet

11 China offices participated in Dezan Shira’s ‘Giving Love, Growing Together’ campaign this year



Dezan Shira & Associates’ well wishes for students in Pali Town Elementary School

We are happy to be able to continue to support Pali Town’s students and their educational journey and look forward to working with other organizations and schools in the future.


About Pali Town Elementary School

Established in 1956, Pali Town Elementary School is known as the “World’s First Plateau Primary School”. It is located in the remote mountainous area around Shigatse City, Tibet, averaging 4370 meters above sea level.

Pali Town Elementary School

Despite the challenging living conditions, the students there hold an optimistic attitude towards life and work diligently at school. Over 200 students from Pali Town Elementary have been selected to continue their education at upper-level schools in Tibet’s more developed provinces.


Dezan Shira’s Corporate Social Responsibilities

Throughout the years, Dezan Shira has been engaged in using our full set of resources, skills, and knowledge to make a positive impact on our society. We have partnered with multiple organizations to help our community grow and thrive, including different universities where our experts have provided career trainings through lectures and internships for students to help them understand the Asia Business market through our real business experience and improve their competitiveness in the labor market.

We have also sponsored several young entrepreneurship projects such as the New Silk Road Project and have supported different charities by ordering handmade products and office decorations to provide financial support with dignity, such as ordering Christmas wreaths to support the Shanghai Healing Home.

Corporate social responsibility has always been an integral part of our value system and our approach to it is a continuous journey. We believe it is our responsibility to create a strong social impact and act in a way that can bring positive social change.

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