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Ellen Yin Discusses Recruiting in China in 2021: HR Planning and Talent Acquisition for SMEs

On April 1 2021, Ellen Yin, HR & Payroll Assistant Manager, discussed recruiting in China in 2021 for SMEs in cooperation with the European Chamber of Commerce in Nanjing.

Ellen Yin Discusses Recruiting in China in 2021 HR Planning and Talent Acquisition for SMEs

The outbreak of Covid-19  brought about both challenges and opportunities for companies last year. With China’s economy well into recovery, businesses in China now face another challenge in terms of recruitment planning and talent acquisition strategies. With March and April being the golden time for recruitment in the country, it is vital for companies to understand how to recruit top talent to join their teams. 

During her presentation, Ellen shared insights on recruitment trends post COVID-19, explored common difficulties SMEs face, and reviewed how companies can develop a talent acquisition strategy which can benefit both employees and employers in the long run, while remaining adaptive to changing situations.

After Ellen’s presentation, a discussion session was held where attendees from different industries shared their experience handling employer and employee relationships, with some laying out the difficulties they faced hiring the right talent for their industry during Covid-19 where travel restrictions have made hiring foreigners an even more challenging task.

Ellen Yin Discusses Recruiting in China in 2021 HR Planning and Talent Acquisition for SMEs 1

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