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Adam Livermore on HR Practices in China: Interview with Ashley Dudarenok

On November 2 2020, Adam Livermore, Partner at Dezan Shira and Associates, sat down with Ashley Dudarenok founder of ChoZan and Alarice to take part in her Digital China interview series.

Adam shared his insight on how to hire, manage, and let go of staff in mainland China while keeping complaint with legal regulations. Adam and Ashley spoke about a number of HR topics important to foreign investors such as employment contracts, calculating social insurance, maternity leave, salaries, anti-bribery/kickbacks, and more.

Adam Livermore on HR Practices in China Interview with Ashley Dudarenok

The full interview is available here

About Ashley Dudarenok

Ashley Dudarenok is the founder of ChoZan, a marketing training company in China, and Alarice — a Chinese social media agency. She is also a global keynote speaker on topics ranging from modern Chinese consumers to Chinese social media marketing.

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