Marco Förster on CGTN Live Special: Shenzhen and 40 Years of Reform and Opening Up

This month Shenzhen marked 40 years since being designated as China’s first Special Economic Zone. The historic decision has transformed the city into a model economy not only for other parts of the country but for regions around the world. Often referred to as China’s Silicon Valley, Shenzhen has been and continues to be the foundation for technological innovation. It is home to global industry leaders such as Huawei, Tencent and DJI.

Marco Förster at the CGTN Live Special

In a 45-minute live roundtable discussion on CGTN, DSA’s Shenzhen-based Senior Associate, Marco Förster, discusses the opportunities Shenzhen presents for foreign investors and the importance of returning to normal business operations in the short-term, as well as bringing back foreign professionals that call Shenzhen their home and have been stranded abroad.

“Does Shenzhen want to remain a Chinese city full of immigrants from all parts of China or really become a global city that attracts global talents? When we look at Silicon Valley, half of them are Asians – Indians, Bangladeshis, Chinese… It doesn’t look like that in Shenzhen, yet. – ‘Yet.’”

WATCH THE FULL SHOW: What opportunities does China’s first Special Economic Zone bring the world

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