Hannah Feng and Ines Liu Participate in AmCham China’s VAT Policy Strategy Workshop

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On January 9th 2020, Hannah Feng, Partner, and Ines Liu, International Business Advisory Assistant Manager, participated in a workshop on China’s first ever VAT Law.

Hosted by AmCham China, experts from Dezan Shira & Associates and KPMG came together to hold a VAT policy strategy workshop.  2019 brought major changes to China’s VAT policies, including a reduction of rates and allowance of certain credits and deductions, culminating at the end of the year with the release of a draft of the country’s first ever VAT law.

Hannah Feng presenting on the draft VAT law

Hannah Feng presenting on the draft VAT law

The workshop allowed participants to gain a better understanding of the proposed law, develop comments on the draft, and help form the basis and tone for future advocacy efforts on the law’s implementation measures.

Hannah and Ines briefed audience members on the changes reflected in the draft and future VAT trends before participating in the group discussion discussing what businesses can expect and what changes tax authorities will likely adopt.

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