Italian Desk Present at BNP Paribas Manager Meeting, Milan

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On October 30th, Valeria Manunza, Assistant Manager and Giovanni Lovisetti, Senior Associate of our International Business Advisory team, were invited to present at the manager meeting of one of the world’s leading banks, BNP Paribas, at their headquarter in Milan.

Valeria Manunza at BNP Paribas Manager Meeting

Valeria Manunza at BNP Paribas Manager Meeting

The meeting was planned just after our company facilitated a business trip for a delegation of bankers from BNP Paribas to our India office.

Last year a BNP group took a similar trip to our China offices.

The ASEAN markets are becoming increasingly important for investors assisted by BNP Paribas. In light of that, we are glad our company has been able to play an important role as intermediary and create concrete possibilities for investment.

Giovanni Lovisetti Presenting at BNP Paribas Manager Meeting

Giovanni Lovisetti Presenting at BNP Paribas Manager Meeting



Lo scorso 30 ottobre 2019, gli avvocati Valeria Manunza, Assistant Manager, e Giovanni Lovisetti, Senior Associate, dell’International Business Advisory team di Dezan Shira & Associates`, hanno avuto il piacere di presentare la nostra societa` durante il manager meeting di BNP Paribas presso la Torre Diamante di Milano.
L’incontro si pone al termine del viaggio formativo in India dei lifebankers coordinato da DSA. Lo scorso anno lo stesso tipo di missione formativa si era svolta in Cina. I mercati asiatici si pongono sempre piu` al centro degli interessi degli investitori di BNP Paribas, quindi siamo lieti che la nostra societa` possa porsi come interlocutore per accorciare le distanze e rendere sempre piu` concrete le possibilita` di investimento.


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