Vivian Mao Speaks on Outbound Investment at Invest in MENA Forum 2019

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On 18th & 19th September 2019, Dezan Shira & Associates, as the only knowledge partner, participated in the “Invest in MENA Forum 2019”, hosted by MX Media Group in Shanghai.

Vivian Gives Keynote Speech

Vivian Mao, Partner at our Shanghai Office, gave the keynote speech on “Overseas Investment Filing-Compliance on Capital Remittance Abroad under Equity Investment”, and also hosted a panel discussion about “Chinese Investment Flows in the Latest Global Context”.

The speech and panel discussion given by Vivian Mao was appreciated by the audience and stimulated heated discussion among local investors about outbound direct investment (ODI) from China.

Vivian Mao Speaks at Invest in MENA Forum 2019

Vivian Mao Speaks at Invest in MENA Forum 2019

During the two-day event, executives from more than 150  of China’s most active state-owned and private companies, responsible for investment decisions in the Middle East and North Africa, attended the Investment forum. Our booth attracted a lot of domestic investors and private companies for consultations on various ODI projects.

Speech on Outbound Investment

To begin with, Vivian provided an overview of the current circumstances by comparing China’s outbound direct investment amounts in the last 4 years and the different channels of outbound funds.

Vivian then interpreted and discussed key points on the regulations governing ODI, basic establishment structures, and filing procedures.

Her presentation also included case studies and common investor concerns.

Panel Discussion on Chinese Investment Flows

Promoted by the ‘Going Global Strategy’ and ‘The Belt and Road Initiative’, China’s ODI in these countries have developed significantly in 2018, reaching over US$ 15 Billion – an increase of 8.9 percent over the previous year.

During the panel discussion hosted by Vivian, panellists provided updates on regional insights associated with the BRI ecosystem and explored how Chinese investors can position themselves to seize a widening range of investment opportunities.

Further Resources on Outbound Investment

To learn how Dezan Shira & Associates can support your business with outbound investment, click here.

For further information, please contact Vivian Mao.


协力管理咨询(上海)合伙人Vivian Mao女士在 2019投资中东及北非论坛” 发表关于境外投资演讲

2019年9月18日-19日,协力管理咨询有限公司(Dezan Shira & Associates)作为 “知识合作伙” 参与了由 MX Media Group在上海主办的 “2019投资中东及北非论坛” 。

协力上海办公室合伙人,Vivian Mao女士应邀于论坛期间发表了题为 “境外投资备案-股权投资项下资金合规出境分享” 的主旨演讲,并主持了关于“全球背景下中国投资流动的新时代”的小组讨论。

Vivian Mao的演讲和发言得到了与会人员的高度肯定,也引起了在场投资者的热烈讨论,他们与Vivian在境外投资的问题上进行了更加深入的交流探讨。在这为期两天的论坛中,协力的展台也吸引了众多中国投资者,驻足咨询各类境外投资项目的相关事宜。




在中国 “走出去” 和 “一带一路” 战略背景下,2018年中国在包括中东共和北非地区国家在内的上述沿线地区进行对外投资高达150多亿美元,保持稳定增长,增幅达到8.9%。


Vivian Mao的演讲和发言得到了与会人员的高度肯定,也引起了在场投资者的热烈讨论,他们与Vivian在境外投资的问题上进行了更加深入的交流探讨。




如想咨询更多境外投资的细节信息,请发邮件到vivian.mao@dezshira.com联系Vivian Mao女士。