Brainstorming Session: Disruptive Tech in Accounting, Payroll & Data Processing

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During the last weekend of August, regional tax and accounting managers and other senior personnel from Dezan Shira & Associates met in Shanghai for a brainstorming session regarding disruptive technology in the accounting, payroll and data processing industry.

The firm is well ahead on its journey to embrace technology and offer more comprehensive, faster and economical accounting, as well as reporting and payroll solutions to its clients in Asia.

Dezan Shira team sharing on new technology in the accounting, payroll and data processing industry

Dezan Shira team sharing thoughts on new technology in the accounting, payroll and data processing industries

In particular, our new services – including Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software and comprehensive multi-country ERP solutions, will allow our clients to rely on a single point of contact to provide solutions across multiple jurisdictions.

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