Marco Förster Introduces Doing Business in China at ecb Business Breakfast

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On July 17 2019, International Business Advisory Associate, Marco Förster, presented on the topic of ‘Doing Business in China: An Introduction to the Economic, Political, Legal and Cultural Characteristics’ at the ecb Business Breakfast in Germany.

The Chinese Economy

The Chinese economy has experienced a remarkable growth in the last few decades that has transformed the nation into the world’s second largest economy. Marco started his presentation by sharing an overview of the Chinese economy and examining the macroeconomic developments in China.

Marco Förster sharing on FDI in China

Marco Förster sharing an overview of the Chinese economy

However, despite the economic growth a few challenges remain, which include, a lack of a level playing field for foreign and domestic investors, the negative list, and intellectual property rights, among others. Marco briefly discussed these challenges to give a practical understanding of doing business in China to the members of the audience.

Trends Shaping China’s Future

Further, Marco highlighted some of the future trends which have the potential to shape China’s future such as the US-China trade war, e-mobility, cleantech, FDI reforms, and more.

Marco Förster at the ecb Business Breakfast

Marco Förster with other members at the ecb Business Breakfast

Foreign companies and investors planning to enter China must carefully consider the available entity options for establishing a business presence. Choosing whether to set up a representative office, wholly foreign owned enterprise, or a joint venture with a local partner depends on a company’s ambitions, nature of business, and desired trajectory in the country.

Marco concluded his presentation by sharing an overview of the various entity types available for doing business in China.

At the end of the session, participants had the chance to raise their doubts to Marco. It was a highly interactive Q&A round with much of the discussion revolving around China’s Belt and the Road Initiative.

Supporting Business Operations in China

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