New Practices of Compensation Incentives and Legal Interpretation

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On August 7, 2019, Allan Xu, our manager of Business Advisory Services, made a speech at Sinoval Consulting’s new HR & payroll book launch in Shanghai.

A collaborative workshop, the event focused on how to motivate talent through incentives and create efficiencies in human capital. Allan shared methodologies and case studies around compensation, performance and motivation, to aid the strategic goals of those attending.

The event attracted around 40 attendees from across multiple industries.

Allan’s presentation was titled “Legal Application and Analysis of Hot Topics in Relation to Employee Payroll”. During the workshop, Allan outlined payroll regulations by clarifying a number of key concepts. She used several representative case studies to recap the main points.

Allan Xu at Sinoval Consulting’s new HR & payroll book launch in Shanghai

Allan Xu at Sinoval Consulting’s new HR & payroll book launch in Shanghai

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