Kyle Freeman on the Trade War at ITAGC’s Seminar Series

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On July 9th, 2019, International Business Advisory Manager, Kyle Freeman, spoke to an audience of ITAGC members and clients about the Trade War.

In US-China Trade War: Where We are and What You Can Do, Kyle provided an on-the-ground perspective for American companies operating in China. He gave an overview of the tariffs and their effect on trade; examined domestic policy changes in China as a result of the trade war; and suggested practical tariff management strategies.

Kyle Freeman spoke about the Trade War

Kyle Freeman sharing an overview about the Trade War

The seminar was hosted by long-time Dezan Shira & Associates’ partner, the International Trade Association of Greater Chicago (ITAGC), at the Carlucci in Rosemont, IL.

Diversifying Supply Chains in Wake of Trade War

With the Trade War still being waged and President Trump now eyeing other countries as targets for tariffs, it’s more important than ever to diversify supply chains and anticipate trade risks.

Fortunately, there are strategies businesses can use to manage trade risks. These include applying for exclusions, applying trade laws that could mitigate the increase in price, or diversifying the supply chain through relocation in whole or in part using the China +1 strategy.

Unfortunately, not every business qualifies for exclusions, and the application processes can be complex. To fully understand your risk and options, it can be beneficial to have professional assistance to assess supply chain vulnerabilities as well as opportunities.

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