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Valeria Manunza presents at the 2019 Doing Business in China Report Launch Seminar in Guangzhou

On May 21, 2019, Dezan Shira & Associates presented at the “2019 Doing Business in China Report Launch Seminar”, hosted by the AustCham South China in Guangzhou.

The Report Launch Seminar endeavors to provide key insights for Australian companies operating in South China and seeks to leave its participants with a deeper understanding of developments in the Chinese economy.

 Australian Businesses in China: Challenges and Opportunities

Panelists this year included Geoff Matthews from the Australian Consulate-General Guangzhou, Matthew McKenzie Co-Founder of the Export Group, Valeria Manunza from Dezan Shira & Associates,  and Gary Butner Head of School at ISA International School.

Moderated by Founding International Principal of Meisha Academy Alexander Paltos, this year’s panel critically examined the challenges and opportunities currently facing Australian business in China.

Key takeaways from the panel discussions includes the imperativeness of preparation and due diligence in the Chinese market, perseverance and consistency with marketing strategy and commodification of services, the value of positive cross-cultural communication practice combined with a strong company vision, incentivizing young workers in a fast-paced and competitive environment, and the advantage of playing to one’s strengths within the parameters of a tightly regulated economy.

Panelists discussing business challenges and opportunities

Panelists discussing on challenges and opportunities for Australian companies operating in China

In the report, it showed “81% indicate China is in top three global investment plans”

Valeria said: Dezan Shira has helped several foreign companies set up their business in China. We receive many types of enquiries, for example, do you still see companies that want to set up in China? How do foreign companies sustain their business in China?

Through our own professional due diligence and research for Asia Briefing publications, we have seen that there is a growing number of investors still interested in establishing a business in China.  

The Report Launch Seminar provided key insights for Australian businesses in South China

The Report Launch Seminar provided key insights for Australian businesses in South China

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