Vivian Mao on Outbound Investment at Invest in Europe Forum 2019

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Dezan Shira & Associates were proud to be the knowledge partner of Invest in Europe Forum 2019.

The event was held on 28th March, where Vivian Mao, Regional Director of our Shanghai Office, presented a keynote speech on ‘Outbound Investment Approval Processes’.

Outbound Investment and Technology Transformation in China

Vivian interpreted and discussed key points on the rules of outbound direct investment (ODI), ODI common establishment structures, the basic set up process, and frequently asked questions.

Vivian speaking at the Invest In Europe Forum 2019

Vivian speaking at Invest In Europe Forum 2019

Vivian also hosted a panel discussion on the next wave of technology transformation. Nowadays, an increasing number of Chinese companies tend to invest their money in high-tech instead of manufacturing. The panelists shared a lot of meaningful insights within this point of conversation.

The Invest in Europe Forum was organised on 27th & 28th March in Shanghai

Allan Xu taking questions at our event stand


Vivian hosted a panel discussion about the next wave of technology transformation

Vivian at panel discussion on technology transformation

The Invest in Europe Forum 2019 was organised by MX Media Group in Shanghai. During the two-day event, Dezan Shira’s booth – Europe Match-Making Session – attracted over 40 investors from China’s most active state-owned enterprises and private companies for consultations on various M&A projects.

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