Special Announcement: New Partner and Launch of Employee Ownership Scheme

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Dezan Shira & Associates is pleased to introduce our newest partner and equity shareholder, Hannah Feng.

Hannah has been with us since August 2006 when she joined the Beijing office to lead our Corporate Accounting and Tax service teams. Hannah holds a master’s degree in finance management and a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Nankai University. She is also qualified as a Certified Tax Agent (CTA).

With Hannah’s solid background in tax and accounting, along with her great analytic and communication skills, she plays a vital role in providing high quality services to our international clients. As a partner, Hannah will continue to lead our national teams and drive the firm’s growth and development as we continue to expand in Asia.

We are happy to see Hannah grow her career along with us and look forward to having her as a leader in our company.

If you would like to get in touch with Hannah, please contact her by clicking here.

Hannah Feng

Recognizing Great Talent: Dezan Shira’s Employee Ownership Scheme

Hannah’s well-deserved promotion marks a significant moment in Dezan Shira & Associates’ history, as she becomes our first employee to become an equity shareholder through our Employee Ownership Scheme.

The Employee Ownership Scheme was established last year as a path to recognize and reward top talent and leadership within our firm.  The Employee Ownership Scheme is open to all employees and allows for new equity shareholders to join the firm going forward. We are honored to have Hannah be the first to join and excited to welcome many more of our employees into the program.