Cherry Wu Discusses Common Labor Issues at British Chamber in Guangdong

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On June 13, Cherry Wu, Human Resources Manager at Dezan Shira & Associates in South China, discussed the most common labor issues foreign companies may experience when operating in China and how to avoid them. The seminar was hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong.

HR Management Structure, Risks and Compliance

Changes to labour laws of the PRC, increasingly savvy and informed workforce, a cost effective and streamlined labour arbitration process and high success rate for employees to win disputes, are all reasons for local and foreign investors alike to have a prepared, efficient, compliant and effective HR management structure.

Cherry Wu Discusses Common Labor Issues

Cherry Wu discusses common labor issues that foreign companies may experience in their operations in China, and how to avoid them.

Through examining the law, statistics and past case experiences, Cherry shared key factors which employers have to face. This included advice on careful drafting of contracts and staff handbook to avoid future headaches, and useful tips from Cherry’s personal experience and audience questions.

Further Information

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For further enquiries about labour disputes or other HR concerns in China, please contact Cherry Wu here.