Chris Devonshire-Ellis Featured on “Educated Interview” Series

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Chairman of Dezan Shira & Associates, Chris Devonshire-Ellis was recently interviewed by Enkh Orgodol in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia and featured on her online interview series entitled “Educated Interviews”. They discussed the development of Dezan Shira & Associates from just a couple of employees 26 years ago to several hundred as it has today, as well as the development and change of the business environment in China and Asia over that time.

Devonshire-Ellis provided advice for foreign investors to better succeed with their operations in Asia and how to engage with China’s Belt and Road infrastructure projects.

Chris Devonshire-Ellis is a frequent speaker at events and conferences across Asia and is Publisher of the Asia Briefing series of titles covering China, India, ASEAN, Russia and the Belt and Road.

To read further on the Belt and Road Initiative, please visit the Silk Road Briefing news website here, or refer to Devonshire-Ellis’ book, China’s New Economic Silk Road. To watch the “Educated Interview” broadcast, please click here.