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How to Attract and Retain Gen Z Employees in China During the Great Resignation




From manufacturing to office jobs, many people refer to the recent surge of unemployment as “The Great Resignation,” with others considering it as a much bigger change, calling it the “Anti-Work Movement.” Particularly with Generation Z, this trending philosophy encourages people to leave the traditional work culture to pursue a lifestyle decentering work and hustle culture.

Is Gen Z really so different from their older counterparts in the workforce?  Undeniably, in certain respects at least, the answer is yes.

In this webinar, Ava Piao, HR & Payroll Associate, will discuss several reasons that members of Gen Z move into new career pathways and what employers can do to attract – and keep – their Generation Z employees.

Key Topics

  • Unemployment Crisis & the Great Resignation
  • Reasons behind employee resignation
  • Understand the impact of employee experience
  • Hiring Gen Z: talent attraction and retention strategies

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