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Individual Income Tax (IIT) Calculator - China, 2022

Input your gross salary per month and get an estimate of your net income as well as how much social insurance and Individual Income Tax (IIT) is payable in your region in China.

Please complete the following fields to calculate your net income and the amount of IIT due:

*Includes pension, medical insurance, unemployment insurance and for Chinese nationals also includes housing fund


This calculator forecasts your possible tax burden, providing you with an estimate that you can use for research purposes. The calculator is based on the information available at the time of publication in January 2022 and is subject to change. In particular, deviations might be observed when the gross salary input is too high or too low. Please feel free to contact us in case of any doubts or confusion.

You may also note that due to the calculation method used in new tax laws, an individual’s tax burden may differ month to month. The applicability of this information should therefore be determined through consultation with your professional advisor.

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