Indonesia’s Representative Offices: Enable Your Business with Optimized Cost Control and Tax Efficiency

Webinar | Tuesday, August 15, 2023 | 3:00 PM Jakarta / 4:00 PM China / 10 AM CET

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With its abundant and skilful workforce, competitive labour costs and expanding consumer market, Indonesia creates an attractive destination for investors. Yet, seizing this potential can be challenging navigating complex regulations, unravelling incentives, and contending with substantial minimum capital requirements may daunt some businesses. 

Establishing a Foreign Representative Office (FRO) or known as Kantor Perwakilan Perusahaan Asing (KPPA), provides investors with a way to the market without incurring a hefty amount of registered capital.  In addition to that, FRO can serves as a cost centre to your business. Whether you are an established company requiring an extensive administration team or a company seeking to outsource your digital talent team, this approach allows your business to effectively optimize its cost control and tax efficiency. 

In this webinar, Jennifer Halim, International Business Advisor and Meizaroh, Assistant Manager of Corporate and Accounting Services, will guide you through establishing FRO and unveil the untapped advantages of this ingenious approach to optimizing cost control and tax efficiency for operations in the region, transforming your expansion to Indonesia into a thriving hub of success. 

Key topics: 

  • Understanding the different types of legal entities available for foreign businesses in Indonesia 
  • Advantages of setting up FRO (KPPA) in Indonesia 
  • A guide to successfully establishing FRO (KPPA) in Indonesia  
  • Gaining tax efficiency for your business through FRO 
  • Case Study
  • Q&A 

Tune in to our webinar to unlock the thriving Indonesian market and establish your business as a key player in the region. 

The webinar is free of admission. 

For questions, please contact Sahnaz Bustomi, Marketing Lead Indonesia.  


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