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Vietnam - New Workshop of the World


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As manufacturing costs in China, and locations around the world, continue to rise, investors are searching for the new low-cost destination for their operations. Vietnam has arisen as a key manufacturing location in Southeast Asia.

Vietnam - New Workshop of the World is a recording of a live webinar that was hosted by Dezan Shira & Associates and Long Hau Industrial Park. This webinar will help you to determine if Vietnam is a suitable manufacturing location for your company. From the webinar, you will learn how to battle the rising manufacturing costs by rethinking your China strategy as we cover the costs of doing business in Vietnam and tell you about the tax benefits you can receive by relocating to Vietnam. You will also learn about the pros and cons of setting your operations in an industrial park. We use the case study of Wahl Clipper Vietnam to provide you a better understanding what the country has to offer as a manufacturing location.


  • Rethink China
  • Land, property, and labor costs in Vietnam
  • Tax benefits of relocating to Vietnam
  • Industrial parks in Vietnam
  • Case Study: Wahl Clipper Vietnam


Charles Small,Senior Associate, Dezan Shira & Associates

Charles is currently based in Ho Chi Minh City, where his responsibilities include client advisory, marketing, and business development. His editorial responsibilities include regular contributions to the ASEAN Briefing and Vietnam Briefing websites, and Asia Briefing publications. Charles developed his legal research skills through translating Arabic-language legal news and researching G20 financial services regulation for UK-based companies. He first worked in Vietnam in 2012 for the United Nations Development Programme. He holds an MSc in International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Hieu Bui Le Anh (Hiroki), Vice Director Business Development, Long Hau Corporation

Hiroki is the Vice Director Business Development of LHC. He manages investment consulting activities for English speaking, Japanese and Korean investors who want to set up production facilities in Vietnam. His network and experience of production, and outsourcing in Vietnam was built up through years working in foreign corporations like Marubeni, Wacoal and HanWa. With strong commitment to provide added value for investors, Hiroki works closely with Vietnamese provincial government in supporting foreign investors. He is completing MBA degree at University of Business & International Studies (Swiss).

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