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Tapping into ASEAN’s Vibrant Talent Pool: Hiring in Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia




With the pandemic recovery in full swing in South-East Asia, many ASEAN nations are recording pre-pandemic levels of economic growth, with GDP data for Q1 2022 in Indonesia (+5%yoy), Singapore (+3.4%yoy) and Vietnam (+5%yoy) all showing a strong recovery.  A strong recovery and market opportunities are leading many international companies to push into the region, but they are staying because of an often-overlooked factor, the region’s vibrant and deep talent pool.  

To take advantage of these talent-rich hotspots, companies need to navigate several challenges and pitfalls regarding hiring in ASEAN like local labor laws and regulations, a countries approach to hiring foreign talent, labor shortages and changing work attitudes.  

What are the advantages of a professional employer organization for multinational companies expanding to ASEAN compared to establishing your own entity? How can companies attract and retain local talent?  

Watch this webinar to know more. 

Key Topics   

  • Overview of hiring in Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam 
  • Taking advantage of a Professional Employment Organization for a lean and cost-effective market entry 
  • Personal Income Tax in Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam 

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