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The RCEP Advantage: Part 2 - Opportunities in Singapore




Officially in force since the beginning of this year, the world’s largest trade bloc in history, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) further builds on free trade agreements within APAC and will push economic integration and shape future trade policy. Singapore hopes to reap long-term benefits under the RCEP by integrating further into global supply chains and strengthening the city-state’s position as a financial and business hub in the Asia-Pacific. 

In part 2 of our RCEP webinar series we focus on Singapore, providing an overview of RCEP and a deep dive into what concrete benefits it will provide for Singapore and foreign investors in the market.   

Will Singapore gain better overseas market access through RCEP than the network of 13 bilateral and 11 regional FTAs (Free Trade Agreement) that have transformed its supply chains since the 1990s already provide? And will we see an ever-increasing influx of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) towards the country, tapping the newly gained access, creating jobs, and boosting its economy? 

Key Topics  

  • Overview of RCEP – its history and future developments  
  • What benefits does RCEP bring to Singapore and its foreign investors with a special focus on manufacturing, financial services, and the digital economy 

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