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The RCEP Advantage: Part 3 – Exploring Trade Opportunities in Indonesia




The world’s largest trade bloc, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), which came into force earlier this year, represents a collaborative market of more than 2 billion people and a global gross domestic market worth some US$26.2 trillion.  

In part 3 of our RCEP webinar series we focus on Indonesia, a country which can benefit from the lower tariffs imposed by RCEP, as well as a trade surplus of over US$1 billion by 2040.  

Will Indonesia gain better market access and how could the Job Creation Law / Omnibus Law maximize gains from RCEP? Will we see an ever-increasing influx of FDI towards the country, tapping the newly gained access, creating jobs, and boosting its economy? 

We take an in-depth look at the impact of RCEP on Indonesia’s economy and business environment. Join us on May 17 to find out more.    

Key Topics    

  • Overview of RCEP – its history and future developments    
  • What benefits will the RCEP bring to Indonesia and its attractiveness for foreign investment? 
  • Will the Job Creation Law / Omnibus Law maximize gains from RCEP and enhance Indonesia’s competitiveness?

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