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Opportunities in Indonesia's Special Economic Zones: Choosing the Ideal Location for Your ASEAN Business




Indonesia’s special economic zones (SEZs) offers investors access to unique business advantages such as competitive labor costs, a huge domestic market, tax incentives, and continuing expansion of SEZ land.  With the government pledging to make SEZs a policy priority to attract foreign investment, boost industrial activity, and promote job creation, Indonesia’s SEZs provide an ideal location for businesses looking to enter or expanded in Southeast Asia.  

With 18 SEZs designed to support different sectors, it’s important for businesses to know which SEZ suits their type of business the best to maximize readily available local resources and cater to upstream and downstream industries.  

Our Indonesia Business Advisory and Business Intelligence team join together to provide you a comprehensive session on choosing the ideal location for your business in Indonesia’s SEZs.  

Key Topics: 

  • Introduction to Indonesia's SEZs 
  • Overview of tax incentive structure  
  • How to choose the ideal investment destination and in which SEZ 
  • Business benefits of SEZs and how to qualify 

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