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Investing & Doing Business in Foshan – Industrial Upgrade and Automation in the GBA




Foshan is a prefecture-level city in the southern province of Guangdong and the third largest city in the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone (PRD). Located only 25 km away from the megacity of Guangzhou to its northeast, Foshan has long been a magnet for foreign investors seeking to tap into the region’s thriving economy.

Traditionally a powerhouse for manufacturing electronic goods, the city’s economy has become increasingly diverse thanks to a drive to expand the service sector and a pivot to high-tech industries and smart manufacturing. Today, the city with its 5 districts and expansive development zones that form a unique platform accelerating the construction of an “Advanced Manufacturing Industry Cluster”, offering exciting new prospects for innovation and investment in some of the most coveted industries of the digital era.

In this webinar, Guilherme Campos, Dezan Shira’s International Business Advisory Manager for the Greater Bay Area, and Bruno Hernandez, Deputy Director of the International Office at the Foshan Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA)  jointly present the increasingly diverse investment landscape of Foshan, channels to tap into the region’s growing industry sectors, and how to benefit from the regional industrial chain’s upgrade.

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