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How to Repatriate Profits from China: Practical Methods and Strategy Development




China has a stringent system of foreign exchange controls, which tightly restricts funds going in and out of the country. This makes profit repatriation from China a complicated and challenging issue for foreign businesses with subsidiaries in the country. Other relevant tax regulations, the Company Law, as well as China’s transfer pricing rules also impose additional barriers for this process.

Under such circumstances, international investors must be aware of these norms and develop a proper strategy based on their unique needs and the structure of their business to increase the likelihood of successfully remitting profits and avoiding corresponding risks.

In this webinar, Amber Liu, Senior Accounting & Tax Manager at Dezan Shira’s Shenzhen office, and her team provided insights and guidance on profits repatriation from China to help overseas investors navigate the complex and extensive compliance procedures required for outbound payments.

  • Section 1: General methods for profit repatriation
  • Section 2: Tax implication and compliance procedures for profit repatriation
  • Section 3: Leverage Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements to maximize take-home profits

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