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How to Dismiss Employees Properly in China – A Guide for FIE Employers




Due to increasing market competition and recent economic uncertainties, dismissal has become an unavoidable topic yet a significant challenge for foreign companies operating in China. Under the labor and employment laws of China, failure to follow a fair process for letting someone go or inappropriate reasons for dismissal may increase the risk of expensive settlements and legal costs. 

Thus, foreign invested enterprises should understand the framework and issues behind employee dismissal and consider taking preventative measures from the beginning of an employment relationship. 

In this webinar, Donfil Huang, Business Advisory Manager of Dezan Shira & Associates’ South China Chapter and her team Richie He, Abby Chen and Olivia Wang share some real-life dismissal cases in various types of FIEs, as well as discuss practical measures FIEs could implement for their future employment management. 

Key topics:

  • Case studies with real dismissal cases from various type of FIEs;
  • Obstacles FIEs might encounter during dismissal and corresponding counter measures;
  • Precautionary measures to prevent labor disputes;
  • The principle of dealing with labor dispute resulting from dismissal;

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