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How to Control Risks in Your China Joint Venture



  • Allan Xu

    Director, Business Advisory Services

  • Ivy Gu

    Manager, Audit and Corporate Accounting Services

Setting up a Joint Venture (JV) is one of the most common ways for foreign investors to enter the Chinese market.  Having a Chinese partner can give investors certain advantages in the market that are both useful and economical.  However, choosing this path to market brings a burning question to mind for many investors, “how can I retain control in a JV?”

This question has become increasingly important, especially in 2020 when travel restrictions are leaving many foreign nationals stuck outside of the country, causing foreign investors to lose direct supervision and control of their Joint Ventures in China.

In this webinar, we breakdown some common challenges Joint Ventures face and offer potential solutions to mitigate and control the risks involved for foreign investors by analyzing several real Joint Venture cases that our team handled this year.

Key Topics

  1. Common risks and issues for Joint Ventures – real case sharing
  2. How to control risks for a Joint Venture?
    • Controlling a JV under PRC law
    • Knowing the operational status of your JV
    • Protecting IP rights and trade secrets
    • Managing a deadlock and exit mechanisms
  3. Relevant legal requirements under the Foreign Investment Law

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