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Establishing an Effective Corporate Compliance Program in Indonesia in 2021




As the largest economy in Southeast Asia, Indonesia offers foreign investors tremendous growth potential. However, given an abundant and diversified legal framework that governs compliance in the country, businesses, especially newly established entities, may find it challenging to navigate and adhere to various corporate compliance regulations and obligations throughout the year

To help companies better understand key legislation governing business compliance liabilities in Indonesia and effectively comply with them in a timely manner, Jennifer Halim, our International Business Advisory Senior Associate in Indonesia, discussed a comprehensive road map for corporate compliance in Indonesia in this webinar, Establishing an Effective Corporate Compliance Program in Indonesia in 2021. 

Key topics

  1. Latest updates on Indonesia's corporate compliances from a legal and tax perspective;
  2. Indonesia's corporate compliance timeline in 2021; and
  3. Guidelines to fulfill the mandatory compliances in Indonesia.

We hope you find the webinar helpful. Should you have any further concerns or questions when applying the solutions brought up in the webinar, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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