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Establishing An Online Presence In China: PIPL, SEO, PPC


Our recent webinar focused on the complexities of establishing an online presence in China. Our experts covered Personal Information Protection Law, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Pay Per Click (PPC) for Baidu while also discussing regulations governing data protection, privacy, and site speed in China. Our keynote speakers featured Richie He, Assistant Manager, Business Advisory Services, and Scott Muir, Director and Founder of Regroup China.

Webinar Outline:

An Introduction to the Basic Concepts of PI Protection

  • Origin & concepts of PI protection
  • PI Protection in China (how did it start; how will it develop)

A Brief Explanation of PIPL

  • Key articles highlight (why they are important)
  • How PIPL is implemented 

Must Know: Foreign Investors with Online Presence in China

  • Cross-border PI transfer safety strategy
  • How to discover PI Protection gaps in daily operations
  • An overview of a Privacy Policy

Establishing a Chinese web presence

  • Why have a Chinese website?
  • Speed – How to ensure your website is fast in mainland China
  • Other factors to consider

SEO Protocol for China

  • About Baidu – China’s leading search engine,
  • What are the key factors to ensuring your website is findable on Baidu
  • What does an SEO strategy for China look like?

PPC for Baidu

  • How does Paid search work on Baidu/ differ from Google?
  • Why use Baidu paid search?
  • Key steps

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