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Entering Indonesia Through Nusantara: The New Capital and Incentives for Foreign Business



Indonesia is an attractive destination for foreign investment, offering a large consumer market and abundant natural resources. However, navigating the regulatory environment and understanding the incentives available can be challenging. 

In 2024, the Indonesian central government is expected to begin its operation in Nusantara – the nation’s New Capital City. The new capital sits on a 632,000-acre site, which is roughly four times the size of the current capital, Jakarta. The project presents significant opportunities for foreign investors in various sectors, such as infrastructure, manufacturing, healthcare, and education. 

In this webinar, Marco Förster, Head of our ASEAN Advisory Team, Jennifer Halim, International Business Advisory Manager in Indonesia, and Meizaroh, Corporate Accounting Services Assistant Manager discussed Nusantara and its impact on foreign businesses. We also covered the incentives available for foreign investors who plan to enter Indonesia through Nusantara, including tax holidays, import duty exemptions, and more. 

Key topics to be covered include: 

  1. Overview of the new capital city project
    presented by Marco Foerster
  2. Investment opportunities in Indonesia
    presented by Jennifer Halim
  3. Understanding the regulatory environment in Indonesia
    presented by Jennifer Halim
  4. Incentives available for foreign investors who wish to enter Nusantara
    presented by Meizaroh
  5. Q&A

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