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Doing Business in Indonesia 2024: Elections, Industry Trends & Capital City Relocation



As the largest economy in Southeast Asia, Indonesia offers an array of compelling opportunities for investors. With a vast consumer market, diverse sectors ripe for foreign investment, and a government committed to attracting global investors, Indonesia presents an attractive destination for businesses seeking growth.  

In 2023, the country attracted a remarkable 1.4 trillion rupiah (US$89.1 billion) in combined foreign and domestic investment, with sectors like the basic metals industry, transportation, telecommunications, and chemical and petrochemical receiving the highest investment. This year, Indonesia aims to further expand its investment landscape, targeting 1.6 trillion rupiah (US$101 billion).  

Following the recent unofficial general election results, the leading candidate, Prabowo Subianto, underscores a commitment to maintaining current economic policies while prioritizing growth, harnessing opportunities in the resource sector, implementing economic reforms, and advancing critical infrastructure projects, including the monumental new capital city project, Nusantara.  

Join Jennifer Halim, International Business Advisory Manager, and Tsamaratul Qolbi, Senior Associate of the Business Intelligence Unit, as they provide valuable insights into Indonesia’s business landscape and investment opportunities in 2024.  

The webinar will cover the following key topics:

  • Recap of Indonesia’s Economic Performance 
  • Implications of the 2024 general election results for businesses 
  • Key Industry Trends for 2024 
  • Insights into the development of Indonesia’s new capital city, Nusantara 

This webinar is free to attend. Please contact Sahnaz Bustomi with any questions. This event is also available in North American time zones, which you can register here.



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