What do you need to know about reviewing and drafting simple contracts -如何审阅/起草简单的合同

Webinar | May 14th Thursday |3:00PM-4:30PM China Time


This webinar is in CHINESE 


There are numerous types of contracts involved in all aspects of running a business. A good contract will not only facilitate the performance and implementation of a company’s targeted goals, but will also prevent the triggering of disputes, and can even solve disputes.


The work to draft, review, revise and execute a contract does not merely require effort from your in-house counsels or external lawyers.  It also requires coordination and cooperation from your business team, admin team, finance team etc.. These non-legal-profession teams must also have basic knowledge on contract review and drafting.


Donfil Huang, manager of Dezan Shira & Associates’ Business Advisory Service team in our Guangzhou office, will host a webinar to explain the importance of reviewing contracts and provide tips on how to review and draft contracts.

The following topics will be covered in this webinar:

Section 1: General introduction about the importance of reviewing contracts


Section 2: How to review contracts


Section 3: How to draft simple contracts

第三部分: 如何起草简单的合同

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May 14, 2020

Location & Time

Webinar | May 14th Thursday |3:00PM-4:30PM China Time