The HSBC Trade Connections Conference

Shanghai, China | June 30, 2011

Speaking about China’s second cities, Richard Cant will discuss "the new kids on the block,” answering questions such as:

  • Is it time for China’s big four cities to take a breath while a younger breed of up-coming cities steal the limelight with their remarkable economic rise?
  • What’s making these cities suddenly so attractive?
  • Where is the opportunity for foreign companies? Infrastructure? Lower labour costs? Companies that are yet to connect with international partners?
  • What can foreign businesses do to make themselves known in these new emerging regions?


Other Speakers:
Sarah Kochling, UK-headquartered consultancy
Dr. Don Qiu- General Manager, China Bio
EllenG. Carberrt, Co-Founder and Managing Director, China Greentech Initiative
Liu Xiaoguang, President and CEO of Beijing Capital Group Company Limited
Ian Irvine, Technical Director, Sgurr Energy
Ernest Mui, Director Treasury and Tax, Knorr-Bremse Asia Pacific
Jingqing Cai, Partner, Brunswick Group

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