Tapping into ASEAN’s Vibrant Talent Pool: Hiring in Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia

Webinar | Tuesday June 7, 2022 | 4:00 PM Vietnam / 5:00 PM Singapore / 11:00 AM CET

With the pandemic recovery in full swing in South-East Asia, many ASEAN nations are recording pre-pandemic levels of economic growth, with GDP data for Q1 2022 in Indonesia (+5%yoy), Singapore (+3.4%yoy) and Vietnam (+5%yoy) all showing a strong recovery.  A strong recovery and market opportunities are leading many international companies to push into the region, but they are staying because of an often-overlooked factor, the region’s vibrant and deep talent pool.  

To take advantage of these talent-rich hotspots, companies need to navigate several challenges and pitfalls regarding hiring in ASEAN like local labor laws and regulations, a countries approach to hiring foreign talent, labor shortages and changing work attitudes.  

What are the advantages of a professional employer organization for multinational companies expanding to ASEAN compared to establishing your own entity? How can companies attract and retain local talent?  

Join us on June 7 to find out more.   

Key Topics   

  • Overview of hiring in Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam 
  • Taking advantage of a Professional Employment Organization for a lean and cost-effective market entry 
  • Personal Income Tax in Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam 


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Jun 07, 2022

Location & Time

Webinar | Tuesday June 7, 2022 | 4:00 PM Vietnam / 5:00 PM Singapore / 11:00 AM CET