Shifting Tides: Comparing the Economic Future of China, Vietnam, Singapore, and Hong Kong

Webinar | 3 July Friday | 3PM-4PM China Time

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The Trade War, COVID-19, and their economic consequences have startled the world. However, Asia is picking things back up quickly. Whether it is China’s head start in economic recovery or how Vietnam curtailed the spread of the pandemic - countries in southeast Asia have been ahead of the curve and are still expecting economic growth while much of the rest of the world is expecting an economic decline in 2020.

On top of this, Hong Kong, Asia’s financial center, has also been struggling with month-long protests. As the traditional gateway to China, the city’s economy is facing unprecedented challenges.

Will it retain its status? How much financial influence will it lose to Shanghai, and what role could Shenzhen play in China’s future?

Its true rival, however, may be further south. Singapore, stable, attractive, and unofficially the gateway to bustling ASEAN, is picking up the pace with economic reforms and incentives for foreign investors.

On the other hand, China is signing double taxation agreements with an increasing number of countries. More significant breakthroughs in international cooperation can be seen in Vietnam, though. On June 8 2020, it has ratified its Free Trade Agreement with the European Union.

These rapid developments on multiple fronts may leave foreign investors confused.

On 3 July, senior associate of our international business advisory team, Marco Förster, will discuss the following topics:

Section 1: The Overview and Comparison of China–Hong Kong–Singapore–Vietnam (Country, COVID-19 response, and macroeconomic outlook)

Section 2: Which country may be the next manufacturing hub: China or Vietnam?

Section 3: Who is expected to be the next financial center: Hong Kong or Singapore?

Section 4: Hong Kong or Singapore as a stepping stone to China/ASEAN?

Section 5: How Dezan Shira and Associates can help - Advice for foreign investors

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