Practical Steps to Resolve Cross-Border Business Challenges

Tianjin, China | October 23, 2014

Cross-border transactions, profit repatriation and funding your SME in China can present numerous challenges. Hannah Feng from Dezan Shira & Associates will present several case studies that offer solutions based on actual events.

Case study 1: How the newly implemented foreign exchange rules affect SME import and export transactions.
Case study 2: How to apply for VAT exemption on cross-border services.

Case study 3: What are the new cross-border tax withholding rules without need of a Tax Clearance Certificate?

Case study 4: How to manage inter-company borrowing and charge-backs to avoid unwanted tax bureau scrutiny.
Case study 5: How to repatriate or distribute profits and enjoy a lower withholding tax rate on dividends.

Ms. Hannah Feng is the senior manager of Corporate Accounting Services in the Beijing office of Dezan Shira & Associates. For the past seven years since joining Dezan Shira & Associates, Hannah has focused on managing financial reviews and tax and accounting services for foreign invested enterprises, and has a thorough knowledge of both domestic and international finance, accounting and tax regulations. Hannah was awarded a Master’s degree in finance from Tianjin University and a Bachelor’s degree in accounting from Nankai University. She is also qualified as a PRC Certified Tax Agent (CTA).

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Event Info

Oct 23, 2014
Location & Time Tianjin, China | October 23, 2014
VENUES Amcham Meeting room 29F, Exchange Tower 2, No 189 Nanjing Rd, Heping District, Tianjin