OAV Young Leaders Global Networking Event 2022 - Vietnam

Online Event | Wednesday, 16 February 2022 | 3:30 PM Vietnam Time / 4:30 PM China Time 9:30 AM Germany Time

Vietnam is one of the world's fastest growing economies, overseeing annual growth rates of 5 to 8 percent for the last two decades. Despite the ongoing Corona development the Vietnamese government conservatively estimates growth rates of 6.5 percent in 2022. Coupled with increased regional economic and political stability resulting from intergovernmental cooperation in the ASEAN group, this serves to strengthen Vietnam's role as an up-and-coming market for many German companies.
Considering these points, on 16 February the OAV Young Leaders Regional Group Ho-Chi-Minh City/Hanoi will host the First OAV Young Leaders Global Networking Event on the topic of "Thriving Forwards: Opportunities and Future made in Vietnam".
Guiding questions for the event include:
•    Where does Vietnam currently stand from a macroeconomic perspective?
•    What are the unique characteristics of Vietnam as a business location and how can they be utilised advantageously?
•    What is useful information to know about Vietnam, specifically from a German perspective?
•    What are the success stories in and from Vietnam?
•    Where does Vietnam stand today in the "China+1" context?

Felicitas Lotfi and Philipp Meyer, Co-Speakers of the OAV Young Leaders, together with Patrick Kemnitz, OAV Young Leaders Regional Spokesperson for Ho-Chi-Minh City/Hanoi, will open the Global Networking Event.
Almut Rößner, Executive Member of the Board OAV, will give an introduction to the macroeconomics of Vietnam, followed by a keynote speech by Riccardo Benussi, Head of European Business Development at Dezan Shira & Associates, on why German companies should invest in Vietnam now. Afterward, Patrick Kemnitz, General Director of TRUMPF Vietnam will give a speech on manufacturing in Vietnam.

The floor will then be open for a Q&A session and discussion to address further topics of interest from our OAV members and guests. This section will be moderated by Julia Goeb, Marketing Lead Vietnam at Dezan Shira & Associates. In the end, you will have the opportunity for networking with the other participants.

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