National Security Law in Hong Kong and the Impact on US Businesses

Webinar | Thursday, 17 September | 3pm China Time | 8am UK Time | 12:30pm India Time

Hong Kong has long served as both an international financial hub and a gateway to China, but in the summer of 2019, protests against a proposed law broke out across the city. The protests morphed into ongoing, mass demonstrations - both peaceful and violent - that have enjoyed widespread support as well as caused controversy with the mainland.

On top of a succession of near-constant protests, Hong Kong has also had to deal with a US-China trade war and now, a pandemic. 

Since the start of the demonstrations, the international community has waited to see how Beijing would respond. Now, it has. Hong Kong's National Security Law was passed unanimously by Beijing in June of 2020 and enacted on July 1st. 

Predictably controversial internationally, it has left many in the business community concerned by both its ambiguity and by what is clear.

Dustin Daugherty, Head of North American Business Development, will discuss the new National Security Law and its implications for the business community on August 26, 2020, at 4pm EST. He will also discuss Singapore as a possible alternative destination for those businesses who want a regional HQ from which to leverage Asia’s advantages.  

Topics to be covered: 

  • Hong Kong’s National Security Law – What is it? 
  • The impact on the foreign business community 
  • The potential future of Hong Kong 
  • Singapore, the alternative regional hub


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