Know Your Chinese Partners: Case Studies for De-Risking and Managing Your Business

Webinar | Thursday, October 28, 2021 | 3:30 PM China / 2:30 PM Vietnam / 9:30 AM CET

The enormous China market is not risk-free. One of the reasons businesses fail in this market tends to be the hasty selection of a partner without appropriately investigating the company and verifying the resources it claims to bring to the table.

As a foreign investor, whether you are still planning your market entry, have been operating in the country for years, or are in remote contact with your Chinese distributors and suppliers – building a healthy relationship with trustworthy local businesses can prevent issues arising from language, cultural, or administrative barriers, while unreliable partners may lead to time and financial loss for the business.

In this webinar, Abby Chen, our Senior Associate of Business Advisory Services, will share some real-life dispute cases between foreign invested entities and their Chinese partners at different stages of investment, as well as a few practical solutions to the common risks foreign entities could encounter while dealing with local business relationships.

Key topics:

  • Case studies highlighting real commercial disputes between foreign and Chinese entities:
    • A foreign entity without a presence in China cooperates with a Chinese partner for the first time.
    • A foreign entity without a presence in China with extensive cooperation experience with Chinese partners.
    • A foreign entity that has been running a subsidiary in China for several years.
  • Obstacles and traps that foreign entities might encounter when dealing with Chinese entities.
  • Precautionary measures and countermeasures. 

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Event Info

Oct 28, 2021

Location & Time

Webinar | Thursday, October 28, 2021 | 3:30 PM China / 2:30 PM Vietnam / 9:30 AM CET