Investment and Export Opportunities for Belgian Companies into Vietnam and Thailand

Webinar | February 24, 2020 | 9:00 AM Central European Time / 3:00 PM Vietnam & Thailand Time

On February 24th, Riccardo Benussi, DSA's Head of EU Business Development, is invited by The Walloon Agency for Export and Foreign Investments of Brussels, to deliver an overview (webinar) of doing business in Vietnam and in Thailand, two significant economies for Wallonian SMEs exporting to Asia, who are strong in pharma, chemicals, machinery and f&b.

Even before the trade war between the US and China began in 2018 and more recently, Covid-19, trade supply lines were shifting away from China's manufacturing power house due to ever rising costs. Vietnam is an oft-mentioned winner of supply chain diversification and indeed, the country continues to attract investment and consumer goods, particularly with the European Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) that came into effect this August. Thailand, while not talked about quite as often, is also experiencing an increase in opportunities driven in part by the same reasons. 

Several multi- and bilateral agreements (such as EVFTA and RCEP) are laying tangible ground for more favorable and intense trade between Europe and ASEAN. On this occasion and prior to the “March Business Days” organized yearly by the Wallonia Export Investment Agency, Riccardo Benussi will cover the main traits, opportunities and challenges of doing business in and exporting to Vietnam and Thailand in a webinar on February 24th.



Moderator: Eric Bletard

Date: Feb 24th 9 to 10 AM CET

Language: English


To register, please contact Riccardo Benussi.


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Feb 24, 2021

Location & Time

Webinar | February 24, 2020 | 9:00 AM Central European Time / 3:00 PM Vietnam & Thailand Time