How to File Your Personal Income Tax 2021 in Vietnam

Webinar | Wednesday, 13 April | 4:00 PM Vietnam / 5:00 PM China / 11:00 AM CET


The deadline to finalize your annual personal income tax (PIT) for 2021 is coming up. 

Tax authorities require Personal Income Tax (PIT) returns to be filed properly before the end of April of the following year. With more efficient filing methods and penalties for non-compliance, it’s vital for both employers and individuals to understand the requirements of PIT filing clearly and prepare in advance.

In this webinar, we will help attendees understand the obligations of the employer as well as the employee for the preparation and submission of PIT. To clarify the situations where regulations differ from reality, we will give you real-life examples and cases to help you understand your individual income tax obligation and equip you with the knowledge to act in a timely and compliant manner. 

We highly recommend that you should participate in this event, especially if you are a foreign employee at a company in Vietnam or an employer of foreign staff. 


Our Tax Expert Thang Vu from our Ho Chi Minh City office will brief you about:

Key Topics:

  • Overview of PIT for 2021
  • Who needs to finalize PIT for 2021?
  • Special case scenarios like job change and independent contractor 
  • Tax obligation upon departure from Vietnam


Event Info

Apr 13, 2022

Location & Time

Webinar | Wednesday, 13 April | 4:00 PM Vietnam / 5:00 PM China / 11:00 AM CET