Is China “Really” Coming Back? How Successful Brands are Navigating Uncertainty in China and Southeast Asia

Milan | Thursday, March 9, 2023 | 17:30 - 19:30 CEST

With China's surprise reopening, the Chinese market is on the minds and in the news feeds of most global brand executives. With slowing e-commerce growth and ongoing uncertainty over the country's path to economic recovery in a post-covid world, many are wondering... is China "really" coming back?

As you prepare for an uncertain year ahead, it is more important than ever to make well-informed business decisions to support your growth strategies for China and Southeast Asia. Join us at our upcoming event, Is China “Really” Coming Back? How Successful Brands are Navigating Uncertainty in China and Southeast Asia, where we team up with Kung Fu Data to uncover e-commerce industry insights, explore how to protect your intellectual property in Asia while selling online, and discuss the latest developments taking place in China and Southeast Asia to bring you the inside scoop on brand performance and consumer behaviour.

In this event, you will learn:

  • The latest trends as China adjusts to a post-covid reality
  • How current consumer behaviour impacted brand performance in China post-reopening
  • The strategies to take to protect your IP against infringement, theft, and copycats
  • The changes that will impact you in 2023 
  • Proven strategies that successful brands are using to succeed in China and SE Asia

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This event is part of our Reforesting Asia 2022 Eco Initiative. We’re raising awareness for environmental protection and donating trees to reforestation projects in Asia for attendees at this event. Register and attend to help us reforest Asia!