Freedom Business Summit - Emerging Opportunities in Asia

Business Summit, Thursday, December 7, 2023, 9:30 AM, Dubai, UAE

Maria Kotova, Regional Director for the Middle East and Head of the UK and Ireland Desk, is set to speak at the Freedom Business Summit, an event for global citizens and sovereign individuals. The event will feature discussions about international investments, second citizenship, geo arbitrage, offshore strategies, tax planning, personal sovereignty, and location-independent lifestyle.

What to Expect from Maria's keynote speech: 

  • Unlocking Investment Potential: Delve into the burgeoning opportunities in Emerging Asia, revealing untapped markets and sectors that hold significant potential for investors seeking high returns.
  • Economic Dynamics and Growth Trends: Explore the economic dynamics and growth trends shaping Emerging Asia, providing a comprehensive overview to guide strategic decision-making in the region.
  • Strategic Entry and Expansion Strategies: Gain insights into effective entry and expansion strategies for businesses and investors looking to capitalize on the rapid growth and development in Emerging Asia's diverse and dynamic markets.

What to Expect From Other Speakers?


  • Best Options for Second Passport
  • Citizenship by Investment Programs
  • Residency Programs & Investment Trends
  • Dual Citizenship Programs
  • Relocation and Location Independence 


  • Offshore Investment Strategies
  • High ROI Investment Portfolio
  • Overseas Investments Opportunities
  • International Island Real Estate
  • Opportunities to Invest in Bali and Indonesia 


  • Bitcoin & Crypto as Hedge Strategies
  • Personal Finance management
  • Decentralized Financial Sovereignty
  • Navigating WEB 3 Finance Tools
  • Future of Global Financial Systems 


  • Building Plan B and Flag Theory
  • Offshore Banking and Asset Protection
  • Best Jurisdictions for Incorporation
  • Tax Planning and Geoarbitrage
  • Strategies for Personal Sovereignty

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