Cross-border e-Commerce Webinar (Spanish)

Webinar | September 06

On September 6, 2018, Dezan Shira & Associates’ International Business Advisory Associate, Juan Rojas, will be a speaker at the online webinar – “Cross-border e-commerce”. The event is hosted by ProChile, the Office of Export Promotion from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Chile.

The incredible scale and growth of China’s e-commerce market is not new for business people familiar with the country. Driven by 772 million internet users, China spent over US$1.13 trillion (RMB 7.72 trillion) on e-commerce purchases in 2017, accounting for about 40 percent of the global e-commerce market.

Among the fastest growing subsectors in China’s e-commerce market is cross-border e-commerce (CBEC) -the purchase of overseas products via e-commerce platforms. CBEC is an attractive channel for foreign businesses to sell to China – it allows them to access the world’s largest e-commerce market without the costs or commitment of establishing a formal presence.

In this presentation, Juan will introduce China’s cross-border e-commerce market, recent regulatory reforms, explain the different business models and export models available to investors, and finally, advice on how to manage intellectual property when engaging in e-commerce.

Further Information:

This seminar will be conducted in Spanish. For more information on how to attend, please contact Ms. Cecilia Chen here.


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Sep 06, 2018

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Webinar | September 06