Cash Repatriation Strategies: From China to Israel - Tax, Foreign Exchange and Regulatory Issues.

Beijing, China | January 4, 2015

Repatriating funds that were obtained in China can be a complicated matter. Many Israeli companies struggle to transfer profits earned in China out of the country in an efficient way. There are number of possible repatriation mechanisms an FIE can adopt, including:

  • Distributing dividends to the Israel holding company
  • Paying service fees to the Israeli related company
  • Paying royalties to the Israeli related company
  • Lending funds to the Israeli company to create an equity relationship with the FIE
  • Reimbursing costs and allocated expenses to the Israeli related company

Hannah Feng from Dezan Shira & Associates will introduce several case studies to overcome these issues. The case studies based on actual events include:

Case study 1: How to repatriate or distribute profits and enjoy a lower withholding tax rate on dividends?
Case study 2: What are the new cross-border tax withholding rules without need of a Tax Clearance Certificate?
Case study 3: How the newly implemented foreign exchange rules affect cost reimbursement and allocation?
Case study 4:How to manage inter-company borrowing and charge-backs to avoid unwanted tax bureau scrutiny?

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10:30-11:30: Hannah Feng presentation
11:00-11:30 Q&A

About the Speaker:
Ms. Hannah Fengis the Senior Manager of Corporate Accounting Services at Dezan Shira & Associates in Beijing. Since joining Dezan Shira & Associates seven years ago, Hannah has focused on managing financial reviews and tax, and accounting services for foreign invested enterprises. Hannah has an extensive knowledge of both domestic and international finance, accounting and tax regulations. Hannah earned a Master's degree in finance from Tianjin University and a Bachelor's degree in accounting from Nankai University. She is also qualified as a PRC Certified Tax Agent (CTA).

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Event Info

Jan 04, 2015
Location & Time Beijing, China | January 4, 2015
VENUES Hilton Beijing Hotel, 1 Dong Fang Road North Dong Sanhuan Road Chaoyang, Beijing, China