Our Global Partners

We partner with organisations across the world to give us a truly global presence. Discover each of our regions’ key partners below.

  • Associazione Italiana Commercio Estero (Aice)

    As an Italian Association of Foreign Trade, Associazione Italiana Commercio Estero (Aice) is a non-profit organization which, for 70 years, has been working to promote business relations between Italy and the rest of the world. Aice's objective is to create new business opportunities between its members and foreign companies, thus contributing to the development of international trade. Aice works to develop relationships with international institutions and entrepreneurial associations.

  • BPER: Banca

    BPER Banca, with its 150 years of history, is one of the largest Italian banking groups. It serves clients with high quality financial and advisory services. Thanks to a widespread presence throughout the Italian territory, we share the values of the community. Meeting the needs of our customers is the main goal of BPER. BPER Banca is able to provide full support for Export Trade Finance and internationalization of customers by helping companies expand their markets.

  • Confindustria Padova

    Confindustria Padova, with almost 1,600 associated companies, employing over 64,000 people, is one of the main local branches of Confindustria. Today the association offers a variety of consulting services such as finance and training, trade union relations, internationalization, communication, environment and safety, research, innovation and e-business.

  • Confindustria Romagna

    Confindustria Romagna was established in late 2016 from the merger of local industrial associations of Confindustria Ravenna and Confindustria Rimini, representing 900 companies reaching all together an overall annual turnover of over 10 billion euro.

  • Confindustria Vicenza

    Confindustria Vicenza is a provincial-level organization representing manufacturing and service companies in Italy. Confindustria Vicenza has more than 2,000 member companies, which makes it one of the first territorial organizations of Confindustria’s entire network system. Confindustria Vicenza aims to participate in the progress of Vicenza’s community and growth of the province, providing business advisory services across all business and entrepreneurial issues.

  • ECA Italia

    ECA Italia was established in 1994 by Italian professionals sharing twenty years of experience in human resources management, and ECA International has been operating on the international market since 1971. Its activities include: supporting Human Resources departments investing abroad, through orientation and consulting for group HR managers of incoming & outgoing expatriate personnel.

  • Eurolink Business Consulting Geie

    The Network Eurolink is a team of highly experienced professionals specialized in law, accounting, and in handling and solving corporate business and fiscal matters. The Network Eurolink's mission is to guide and support Italian and European firms in establishing and managing their business operations abroad.

  • Italian Trade Agency (ITA)

    The Italian Trade Agency (ITA) is a governmental agency that supports the business development of Italian companies abroad and promotes the attraction of foreign investment in Italy. ITA provides information, assistance, consulting, promotion and training to Italian small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Switzerland Global Enterprise

    Switzerland Global Enterprise is represented abroad as "Swiss Business Hubs". They manage an expert network and provide local knowledge for Swiss SMEs that intend to engage in export and for identifying companies with export interest in Switzerland.

  • The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce

    The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) is the only business organization recognized by both the Italian Government (Ministry of Economic Development, MiSE) and People’s Republic of China (Ministry of Civil Affairs, MoCA) that aims to boost the internationalization and settlement of Italian business and to promote the “Made in Italy” in the PRC. Established in 1991, CICC has now offices in Beijing, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Suzhou.