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Year-End Review: Unwrapping US Trade Policy in Asia in 2023



As we move into 2024, US businesses must remain informed to stay ahead of the curve in the global trade landscape. Join us for a year-end review, where we delve into the pivotal events that have shaped US bilateral relations and trade policy in Asia this year and their resulting business outcomes.

Our discussion will touch on:

  • Navigating US-China Relations: From the resulting lows of "Balloon-Gate" to a highly anticipated Presidential meeting at the APEC Summit, discover the current state of US-China relations and how it may impact your business on the ground.
  • Decoding the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF): Get insights into the US' strategic approach to Asian trade and how the IPEF will influence business opportunities for SMEs.
  • Spotlight on India and Southeast Asia: Explore the evolving relationships with India and Southeast Asian nations as part of the broader US Asia-Pacific strategy and what it may mean for opportunities in the region.
  • Insights from APEC Summit 2023: Find out what transpired at the recent APEC Summit in San Francisco.
  • Crystal Ball Predictions for 2024: Our speaker will share predictions for the upcoming year, giving you a head start in planning for potential shifts in the trade landscape.

Enter 2024 informed and updated on how the US' positioning may impact opportunities and operations in Asia. Register below to save your spot, even if you cannot attend live.

This webinar is free to attend. Please contact Holly McCleery with any questions.

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